Mission Statement

At GD Funding we are passionate about achieving your funding goals and helping you realise your project, whether you are a school, PTA, sports club, uniform organisation or a community group.

We have a collective experience of working over 10 years in the funding sector and have secured in excess of £8 million for our clients. This has been attained by our deep knowledge of funding together with our expertise in being able to guide applicants through the funding journey, understanding needs, opportunities and the possible. Our commitment to work with you comes from a partnership approach at the outset and the ability to have an on – going relationship with each of our clients to support them further.

Our Team

We are also passionate about customer service and like to build long term relationships with our clients over a number of years. We love to help with funding, but we can also use our existing relationships and partnerships to help you as much as you would like with designing, arranging and delivering your chosen project.

Graham Chadwick

Founder & Owner

Graham has a wealth of experience in acheiving funding  accross multiple sectors for over 20 years.  Specializing in school and 3rd sector funding. With a significant successful track record he heads up a great team of high quality bid writers.


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Chris Earnshaw

Communications controller

  • All Of The UK

Christians expertise lies in the technology sector and is constantly evolving our systems and data gathering practices to ensure that we offer all our  customers the most efficient method of funding application with the latest and accurate information available.

Liam McClelland

Community Funding Manager

  • All Of The UK

Liam is our Marketing and Business Development officer and often the first point of contact with new clients. Liam has a background in in sales and marketing. Liam has worked all across the globe including Asia and south America and brings considerable experience to the team.  He will  help guide you though our simple but thorough process to help acheive a successful funding application.

Rebecca Galvayne

Funding Co-ordinator

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Rebecca is our Funding Co-ordinator and responsible for the administration of all applications. Rebecca co-ordinates our team of professional bid writers, allocating applications, checking content and the main point of contact with clients once their application is in process. From an initial background in law Rebecca has developed her career through customer service and coordination roles at Burnley College and within property management.

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