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Our initial role is to help you establish if your idea is something that funding will be available for. You may be surprised at the breadth of projects that can be funded. In the unlikely event that funding isn’t available for exactly what you want we will help look at your other priorities and budgets to see if we may be able to help you find funding for another one of your projects, which will allow you to free up funds for the first.

Free consultation to capture information about your location, your particular needs, the amount of funding you are seeking, what you need the funding for and the outcomes you are expecting.

We are able to scope and identify the funding opportunities available to you to meet your project needs and design a funding plan with you.

We offer a comprehensive bid writing service through our team of experienced and skilled bid writers and provide you with a timescale of when you will receive your application.

We are able to manage and track your application from point of submission and are able to provide advice and guidance for any queries from the funding body regarding your application

If your project requires design and installation we are able to provide a full project management service dependent on your location.

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