The February HT is upon us and we want to help you out by researching your projects over the break!

GD funding in partnership with Funded & PTA+ have been busy working with Schools & PTA’s across the UK and wanted to offer our support to other Schools & PTA’s during these uncertain times.

We are back in 2021 with a brand-new way to assist our customers, offering a “free funding health check”.
Our dedicated team of bid researchers will look into all the possible grants that may be available to you saving you precious time and ensuring all the hard work is done by ourselves,

With over 150 different funding bodies to turn to and 20 skilled bid researchers working for us, our new approach makes the entire process much more simple for you.

Once we have identified the most suitable funders for your project, we then discuss the options moving forward.

Please let us know if you have any projects or dreams that you may require funding for and we will do the rest.

Want us to help get you funding for your school?

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