A free fundraising marketplace
Create a sustainable online marketplace for parents to donate and access affordable used uniforms, not only reducing the financial toll on parents but also raising much needed funds for the school.
Since launching in late Summer 2020, one primary school in Buckinghamshire with ~400 pupils has raised over £1500 from selling second-hand uniform and other donated items via the Uniformd platform.
“The proof of this lies in the sales – from selling perhaps one or 2 jumpers at best each week (face to face at the office and with cash), we are now receiving orders daily and usually for multiple items” Ali McKee, Great Missenden School
The platform is free to use – there are no licence fees or subscriptions costs. A small commission is deducted from the order value to cover the platform costs. In this way, if you don’t sell anything, you don’t pay anything!!
Check out Uniformd – www.uniformd.co.uk

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