COVID-19 has affected pretty much every walk of life and we at GD Funding are no different.

We however like to look for the positives in every situation and so,

Some Months ago now as you may recall ,schools had been shut for what seemed an eternity (If you had been homeschooling!), the entire UK on Lockdown, Zoom calls brand new and virtual quizzes the rage !

Whilst GD Funding along with the rest of the World had found itself in unprecedented times, it did give us time to reflect on what we had been doing for so many years.

For years as a company we had been GO GO GO driving around the entire UK visiting 3/4 schools daily and pretty much running at full capacity, from the outside this may sound perfect (and at the time is was ! ) but upon reflection we had been working tirelessly and didn’t have the time to think about how we could have been working smarter.

COVID-19 gave the GD-Funding Family chance to step back and allowed each member of staff to pitch their ideas on how we could work smarter and in a more cohesive way.

As with any family each member has their own views and own unique set of skills and expertise and when everybody is reading from the same hymn sheet then this is when the best results are seen!

We believe that GD funding is now arguably in the best place it ever has been, we have the perfect individuals to take the company forward, we have a near perfect plan , we say near perfect as you should always strive for better ! (It may be a little different for our loyal returning customers but we assure you these changes are for the better and we know you will agree!)

We have made some brave decisions as a company but fortune favours the brave after all , and so with schools having been back for a term now and the new norm setting in (as we all love to say) now is perhaps the best time ever to make contact with us, and to allow us to help you with ALL your funding requirements.

All we need from you is a project idea and a rough costing its as simple as that, so get in touch today and we will do the rest.

Thanks for reading, love from the GD Family.

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